Language Testing Scenarios
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Six Scenarios for Group or Individual Study

Aviation English Testing
This is high stakes testing, whether it is ensuring air traffic controllers can communicate with pilots, pilots with the control tower, or checking that engineers can follow maintenance manuals and write safety reports.
Call Centre Assessment
Business depends on efficient communication with customers, so when call centre activities are outsourced it's essential that the staff are not only intelligible, but also able to use service encounter discourse effectively.
Military Language Testing
Language testing has been used in the military since the First World War, primarily to "ensure safety and comfort." Today personnel are tested for their ability to communicate with local people in peace keeping contexts.
Medical Language Testing
When working in a second language communicating diagnoses and treatment options, discussing cases, and writing reports, are essential. Interpreters also play a key role in successful treatment.
Legal Language Testing
Language tests are provided for legal personnel who wish to practice in a second language and, perhaps more importantly, for court interpreters who make the legal system accessible to second language speakers.
Testing for Higher Education
The use of language tests for admission to higher education is widespread, particularly for English medium Universities. The stakes are high for students who compete for places at the most prestigous institutions.