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  1. Validity Bernard Spolsky *
  2. Reliability Alan Davies *
  3. Test Specifications Charles Alderson *
  4. Item Writing Charles Stansfield *
  5. Pretesting J. D. Brown*
  6. Reading Caroline Clapham *
  7. Writing Liz Hamp-Lyons *
  8. Listening Gary Buck *
  9. Speaking Glenn Fulcher *
  10. Vocabulary John Read
  11. Integrated Assessment Lia Plakans
  12. LSP Testing Dan Douglas
  13. Test Taking Strategies Andrew Cohen
  14. Impact Elana Shohamy *
  15. Statistics in Language Testing Fred Davidson *
  16. Item Response Theory John de Jong *
  17. Structural Equation Modeling Ardeshir Geranpayeh
  18. Technology in Language Testing Carol Chapelle
  19. Automated Scoring Xiaoming Xi
  20. Rater Bias Paula Winke and Susan Gass
  21. Assessing Pronunciation Talia Isaacs

    Videos with an asterisk (*) are now available with subtitles. If you would like to watch with subtitles follow this link.


The language testing video project was first conceived in 1998 by Glenn Fulcher and Randy Thrasher. The aim was to produce a set of accessible introductory materials on language testing for students of applied linguistics and language testing. Many language testers have kindly given of their time and expertise to make these short videos that bring to life a topic in the field. We are very grateful for their contributions. We also acknowledge the initial funding provided by the International Language Testing Association and our respective institutions, which made the first set of videos possible.

Filming started in 1999 at LTRC in Tsukuba, Japan. There were no digital movie cameras at the time, so the first videos were shot in S-Video and converted to Vivo and Real Player formats. By 2008 it was realised that these formats were outdated, and so existing videos were converted between January and May 2009.

Since 1999 we have added to the videos in order to extend the range of topics covered. With digital video cameras the quality of the videos (and sound) has improved dramatically, although in one or two cases where webcams have been used there is still a slight problem with sound/video synchronization.

The videos have been extensively accessed over the years, and are frequently used in language testing programmes. From May 2009 the size and sound quality of the videos has been improved, and in the larger flash version now available it is possible to expand the videos to full screen for projection in a seminar room or lecture theatre. There is little that I can do about the picture quality of one or two of the earlier videos, but they are still viewable. We will continue to expand and improve the video resources in the future, for the benefit of students and language testing educators. Citation information is also provided below.

We hope that you find these resources useful in your learning or teaching.

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