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  • Theory of Reviewing
    Posted on 25 May, 2016
    As a linguist trainee and teacher trainee I have found out that there are actually some similarities between language testing and reviewing. If we set for reviews ...

  • Tuhin Rahman teaches IELTS
    Posted on 24 May, 2016
    IELTS is elaborated as International English Language Testing System which is now a day a basic requirement for most of the best Universities of the globe.

  • IELTS speaking test video - Band 7.5 sample ielts video
    Posted on 23 May, 2016
    IELTS speaking test video : IELTS speaking test video to get idea about speaking test on ielts exam. This is for Band 7.5 ...

  • IELTS Writing Task 1 tips for preparation by MOMENTO IELTS | advice
    Posted on 23 May, 2016
    IELTS Writing Task 1 tips : IELTS Writing Task 1 tips for preparation , here is an advice by MOMENTO IELTS. IELTS Writing ...

  • IELTS Speaking Test - Sample band 4
    Posted on 21 May, 2016
    IELTS Speaking Test : Here is a IELTS Speaking Test video of band 4. We all know Speaking Test is one among the 4 tests of ...

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