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This website uses dymaic web slicing on some pages that are updated on a daily (or sometimes an hourly) basis. A page contains a web slice if you see this icon in the toolbar. This feature was introduced with IE 8, which allows users to subscribe to content and receive notification of updates on the browser tool bar. This was implemented for the employment page in January, 2010 and the Article Alert service in March 2010. The video link is an introduction to the use of web slicing. Further details about web slicing and how it works can be found here.


RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'. It has become the standard method to send news and information from websites directly to the user who wishes to keep up to date.

Extensive use is made of RSS feeds on this website. The most obvious is Bulletin, which you can subscribe to by clicking on the RSS symbol . Whenever I make a major addition or change to the site it will be announced on this feed. I sometimes also use it to notify subscribers of more general language testing news.

Many pages also contain information that is generated by RSS feeds, but filtered using software that selects content using keywords and strings, before aggregating the information on the page. Examples of this are the article aggregation, and article alert services, which scan journals for language testing content and updates this page whenever new articles are published. This makes keeping up to date extremely easy, especially in the latter case where it is combined with web slicing. Developing the filters for some pages has taken over a year, such as on the employment page. However, some 'rogue' jobs still get through, particularly from the fields of computing, health care, and engineering. I continually update the filters to reduce such instances, but cannot eradicate them completely.

If you would like to know more about how aggregation works, there is a useful Wikipedia entry that you can consult.

DigitalP: 02 Sep 14: Modi?s Twitter vs Mainstream; Virtual Surgery; Ring the ...
Is India's Prime Minister spurning mainstream media for an easier time on social media?; Medical students learn how to operate virtually; The deaf choreographer who is visualising music

Celebrity leaks 'no breach' - Apple
2 September, 2014
The leaking of intimate photos of celebrities from iCloud accounts was due to a theft of log-in information, not a security breach, says Apple.

Updated: YouTube viewers can now leave a tip for impoverished video uploaders
2 September, 2014

Update: The YouTube tip jar has now rolled out in the US, Australia, Japan, and Mexico.

Officially called Fan Funding, the feature lets YouTube viewers tip video creators using their Google Wallet accounts.

Tipping a video creator is as easy as clicking the new heart-shaped icon in the corner of a video, orclicking the "support" button on a YouTube creator's channel page. YouTube viewers can also send money to creators from the Android YouTube app.

However you can only tip YouTube creators who've set up their virtual tip jars.

Original reports back in June said users would have to choose a number between $1 and $500, but the the latest word is that users can tip any amount they specify - as long as they're willing to let Google take a cut.

That cut equals 5% of the total donation, plus an additional 21 cents in the US. That makes about a quarter the smallest amount you'll want to donate - and even then the creator will receive but a paltry amount.

Google says Fan Funding support for other countries and other platforms - presumably iOS - is coming soon.

Original story below?

YouTube is rolling out a raft of new features, including the ability for viewers to donate money to content creators whose videos they've enjoyed.

The so-called Tip Jar will allow users to 'show some love' for their favourite contributor by tipping any amount between $1 (around 60p AU$1.06) and $500 (around 293, AU$531).

The feature could prove useful for emerging artists in a number of fields, who are perhaps seeking to raise money for new projects, or supplement their advertising income from YouTube posts.

Charities may also use the feature to encourage direct donations, while there's also likely to be a somewhat more seedy element hoping to take advantage of the new functionality.

60fps game uploads

The new feature, announced by new YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, joins the addition of 60fps video upload capabilities, which is likely to please gamers operating at the higher frame rate on consoles like the Xbox One and Sony PS4.

Speaking at the VidCon conference on Thursday, Wojcicki also announced a huge crowd-sourced translation effort, which will allow viewers to experience clips in their native tongue through subtitles.

"Our goal is to make it that every video uploaded to YouTube will be available in every language," the CEO said.

Also among the new features that'll be hitting in the next couple of months are interactive overlay cards that will take viewers directly to purchase points such as a Kickstarter campaign page or an App Store listing.

7,500 music tracks and sound effects are also being added to the existing royalty-free sound library, while Creator Credits will allow up loaders to give props to collaborators pages within the tags.

Can all this help YouTube recover from its 10 greatest mistakes?

Apple: iCloud breach not to blame for celebrity photo leaks
2 September, 2014

The theft of several private celebrity photos wasn't caused by an iCloud security breach, Apple announced today, contrary to previous reports.

The Cupertino company said that after more than 40 hours of investigation, it determined "that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions."

Apple called this type of attack "a practice that has become all too common on the internet."

It concluded that none of photos were obtained through "any breach in any of Apple's systems including iCloud or Find my iPhone."

More to follow...

Download Opera Developer Preview 25
2 September, 2014
Catching up with competition, It?s Tuesday already and Norwegian browser maker has revealed a new Opera 25 build, which included one neat and much needed feature: a built in PDF viewer and yes, it does use Chromium?s PDFium. In addition to that, there is a new online package installer for Windows, which aims to improve […]

Gamers take a stand against misogyny
2 September, 2014
Thousands have signed an open letter demanding change after a female video blogger received death threats.